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LED Courtesy Lamps

Power saving, high output white LED spot lamps featuring an innovative ring of ambient LED light.

Excessive heat and high power consumption problems associated with halogen down lights can now be overcome with Hella marine high output LED spot lamps.

Hella marine high output LED spot lamps generate over 450 candela. This is more peak and overall output (at a narrower angle) than light from a Hella marine down light running a 12V 10W G4 halogen bulb.

Consumption is less than 2.5W (less than 0.18A @ 12V), providing more than 75% power saving compared to a 10W halogen lamp.

Unique ‘non glare’ reflector technology provides powerful light without discomfort to the eyes. Each lamp also features an outer ring of red, white or blue LED light providing additional ambient illumination. The ambient function consumes less than 0.5W and is switched independently.

Hella marine MultivoltTM electronics provide consistent illumination and circuit protection across a range of inputs from 9-31V DC.

Completely sealed, shock and vibration resistant, Hella marine LED lamps provide outstanding reliability as there are no filaments to break. The surface is cool to the touch so will not cause damage to surrounding materials.

Rims are available in polished or satin 316 stainless steel, gold stainless steel, and black or white high gloss plastic.

Hella marine high output LED spot lamps are the answer for power saving and cool running interior lighting on powerboats and yachts.

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