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Hella marine has launched a new range of powerful LED downlights offering a viable alternative to 10W incandescent lamps and substantial power saving on board.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, new 9599 series lamps consume a less than 0.8W per lamp (<0.07A @ 12V / <0.03A @ 24V), a fraction of the power of incandescent lamps of similar output, and run very cool due to their low current draw.

Light output is described as a neutral white with a excellent colour rendering for a comfortavble ambience. Advanced Hella marine lens and optic technology provides intense white light without glare or eye strain in either 15° Spot or 32° Spread beam angles. The Spot lamp (Peak light angle at 15°) is ideal for installations where the first surface requiring illumination is 1 metre or more from the lamp. Spread lamps (Peak light angle at 32°) are ideal for softer light where the first surface to be illuminated is less than 1 metre from the lamp.

With a completely sealed lamp body of only 18.5mm deep, 9599 LED downlights can be installed almost anywhere on board, interior or exterior, wet or dry. Their ultra low heat signature will not cause damage to surrounding materials.

The lamps may be dimmed and controlled with the Hella marine 2 Group Light Dimmer for ambient lighting effects. Hella marine LED downlights represent the very latest in class leading energy efficiency and maintenance free ‘fit and forget’ technology.

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