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Explorer 710 VHF Radio

Whether your boating is a day-trip to a nearby fishing location or a coastal voyage of several days, you can’t beat the dependability of Northstar’s radios.Northstar’s range of Explorer VHF radios are built to the same robust standard of performance as the rest of our marine products. Exceptionally clear audio is provided via a powerful front facing speaker and a separate external speaker amplifier drives four watts of output. Both the unit and handset are fully waterproof (JIS7 – submersible) so your Northstar radio will handle the worst the weather has to offer.

The Northstar Explorer 710 is fully DSC capable and features call logs with instant call back capability. The large LCD presents 4 lines of text

to display channel names, GPS position, GPS speed, GPS course or time, and DSC messages.Large display 1.8" x 1" (46 x 26 mm) with four lines of text (12 characters per line).Program three favorite channels for easy selection. Call logs with instant CALL BACK capability. Automatic GPS boat position and time when connected to a GPS

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