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G120 Marine Display

Utilising Raymarine’s industry-leading Ultra Bright Display technology, the G120 Marine Display is the best choice for open cockpits, bright pilothouses and the most demanding tropical lighting conditions.  Packed with features the G120 provides a commanding view of your on-board navigation system, PC or entertainment system.

G120 boasts a 12” high-resolution LCD display with bold, bright graphics and vibrant colours.  Its wide viewing angle and sharp contrast make it easily visible from across the cockpit, while its adjustable backlighting and night mode make it superior for use after dark too.  With a native resolution of 1024 x 768, the G120 supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 using its built-in video scaler.

G120 has 9 direct selectable and video inputs including 3-VGA, 2-DVI, 3-Composite and 1-S-Video so you can connect and access ALL of you video sources without the need for complicated splitters or switching systems.  G120 also has built in picture in picture (PIP) and picture by picture (PBP) for displaying multiple sources simultaneously.

Rugged and reliable, G120 is built on a marine grade aluminium chassis.  Its impact resistant glass fascia is permanently bonded to the LCD panel eliminating the possibility of condensation and enhancing visibility.  G120’s low profile mounting bezel allows for maximum possible screen size with minimum footprint.

The Raymarine G120 Ultra Bright Marine Display includes a sun cover, VGA cable, power cable, mounting hardware and complete instructions.

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