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VHF & SSB Radios
Handheld VHF Marine Radio

Icom’s handheld VHF marine radios are among the most reliable and waterproof in the market.






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IC-GM1600 GMDSS Portable for Survival Craft

The IC-GM1600 meets temperature, thermal shock, vibration and drop resistant (from 1 m height) requirements. After passing those environmental tests, the IC-GM1600 sustains 1m depth waterproof construction specified with IMO resolutions A.809(19), A.694(17) and IEC 61097-12.

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COMMANDMICIII Remote-Control Microphone

IP-X8 submersible, plug-and-play connectivity, controls all function (including DSC) of Icom's IC-M504 or IC-604 VHF marine radios. Large LCD with adjustable lighting level. Doubles as an intercom. IC-604 accepts up to 2 COMMANDMICIIIs. It's like getting a second (or third) on-board radio station for the cost of an accessory.

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Mounted VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Submersible compact body with large LCD and powerful audio.

ICOM stylish VHF/DSC marine radios are easy to use and meet/exceed IPX7 waterproofing.





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HF/SSB Marine Radio

For over 20 years Icom's HF/SSB Marine Radio Transceivers have been renowned for their high quality.

Easy to use whether you are new to SSB or an expert. Channel selection is quick and easy to access with large, independent GROUP and CHANNEL knobs. Each panel button has only 1 function. The large, easy to read display shows channel (or frequency) and operating status at a glance. A new green LCD is easy to see in sunlight, but not too bright for night operations.

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AIS Products

Fully Capable Class B AIS Transponder for Pleasure Craft and Fishing Boats.

ICOM AIS Products bring added versatility by working alongside your existing marine equipment.



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Explorer 725 VHF Radio

The Northstar Explorer 725 is a premium fishing machine: the built in barometric pressure sensor provides prediction of weather and fish activity. The wireless mic, The Explorer 705 is sold seperately (up to two mics per base).

Track-Your-Buddy is for safety, teamwork, convenience or just for fun. This great feature allows

you to combine your Explorer 725’s DSC position polling with Track-Your-Buddy enabled Chartplotter or Combo units to show the location of up to three boating friends on the chart display. It’s easy to setup: You need a Northstar Explorer 725, the MMSI number of your buddies’ DSC enabled VHF radio, and a Northstar Track-Your-Buddy capable unit.  A great function for fleet voyages or any application where knowing the location of your boating partner is important.

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Explorer 721 VHF Radio
The super large display ensures a host of important information is clearly viewable. Keep track of barometric pressure, fishing conditions, and with four lines of text, you can easily view DSC messages, boat position, time and channel name. This model also features the option of a second station handset (the 701). Ideal for fly-bridge, sailboat cockpit or anywhere a second VHF station is useful.
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Explorer 710 VHF Radio

Whether your boating is a day-trip to a nearby fishing location or a coastal voyage of several days, you can’t beat the dependability of Northstar’s radios.Northstar’s range of Explorer VHF radios are built to the same robust standard of performance as the rest of our marine products. Exceptionally clear audio is provided via a powerful front facing speaker and a separate external speaker amplifier drives four watts of output. Both the unit and handset are fully waterproof (JIS7 – submersible) so your Northstar radio will handle the worst the weather has to offer.

The Northstar Explorer 710 is fully DSC capable and features call logs with instant call back capability. The large LCD presents 4 lines of text

to display channel names, GPS position, GPS speed, GPS course or time, and DSC messages.Large display 1.8" x 1" (46 x 26 mm) with four lines of text (12 characters per line).Program three favorite channels for easy selection. Call logs with instant CALL BACK capability. Automatic GPS boat position and time when connected to a GPS

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Explorer 705 - Optional Wireless Handset for Explorer 725
The optional wireless second station handset . Both the unit and the handset are rates JIS-7 water-resistant, so your Northstar radio will continue to perform under extreme conditions.
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Explorer 701- VHF Remote Handset
The second station mic features the same large LCD and complete control of all DSC and radio functions. Use the Intercom function to communicate between the base and the second-station handset. The handset is fully waterproof (JIS7) to withstand the tough marine environment.
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