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Satellite TV Antennas

Glomex offers the best in marine antennas. It is the only manufacturer on the industry today offering you a Lifetime Warranty. Where we manufacture our antennas in Italy there’s a large culture on radio transmissions as Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio just 20 miles from the Glomex plants. We utilize this rich heritage and add the passion, like the other branches of the industry do in our vicinity, to make the best food, or the most appreciated performance cars in the world. Concentrating on the true needs of today’s boater and developing a partnership like relationship with boat builders, Glomex is setting the standards for the most challenging communication and recreational requirements.

- Urania - 12" ( 31 cm)

- Venus - 15" ( 39 cm)

- Saturn - 18" ( 47 cm)

- Mars - 24" ( 60 cm)

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TV Antennas
Standard equipment on finer sportboats and motor yachts, Glomex omnidirectional marine radio/TV antennas deliver superior performance on over-the-air TV broadcasts. Available as complete kits (comprising TV antenna, amplifier and cabling) or as individual components to enable a customized solution for your boat. Look within for all TV specific Glomex products: TV antennas, amplifiers, mounts, connections, cables, accessories and other marine radio antennas. All Glomex products include a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
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VHF Antennas
High quality Glomex VHF antennas are available in a variety of lengths from 1' to 21’. Available in whip or masthead configurations; in stainless steel or fiberglass construction. All Glomex VHF boat antennas are supplied with all the parts necessary for professional installation.
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AIS Antennas (Automatic Identification System)
The Glomex AIS (Automatic Identification System) marine antenna has been developed and precisely calibrated for the narrowband VHF frequencies, 161.975 Mhz and 162.025 Mhz, specified for AIS standards. Designed for safety in high traffic areas and in poor visibility conditions, the AIS software automatically calculates the CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to Closest Point of Approach) and provides the call sign and name of nearby vessels.
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SSB Antennas
Professional SSB antennas (23’) with traditional side-feed RF connection or with a concealed RF connection for increased safety.
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AM/FM Antennas
1’, 5’ and 8’ AM/FM antennas with integral coaxial cable lengths. The 5’ AM/FM antenna is available in masthead or whip versions.
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Mobile Phone Antennas

2’ and 8’ cellular antennas help boast onboard phone reception.

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ORBCOMM Antennas

The Orbcomm cummunication system uses the Low Earth Orbit satellites for mobile communication (e-mail, SMS, data). This antenna has been developed following the specification of Orbcomm Italia and it’s approved for Orbcomm applications.

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C.B. Antennas

The CB RA1278 and RA127 antennas guarantee a reliable system of communication thanks to the solid interior elements in copper and brass. The special polyurethane Glomex painting makes these antennas the best choice for whom looks for reliability and maximum quality.

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Mounts & Accessories
Fittings, gaskets and wedge kits that coordinate with both TV and VHF/Other marine radio antennas. Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
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Ground Plates

Glomex Synthesized bronze Ground Plates are the necessary interface between electric and electronic board devices and the dissipator element: water.
The Bronze micro-spheres realize a huge contact surface with the dissipator element (water), given by the sum of the surfaces of all the bronze spheres; in fact, supported by the porosity of each ground plate, water penetrates into the plates touching the surface of all the spheres.
This kind of construction provides more efficiency than the smooth ground plates.
Glomex Ground Plates are provided with bolt and spacers done with the same material (bronze) used for the plates, in order to avoid electro-corrosion phenomena.
The new 2009 exclusive shape proposed by Glomex provide to an extended developed surface and stronger plate edges.

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