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New NaviLED Trio - High technology for high places

Hella marine introduces the worlds most advanced LED Tri-Colour.
Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the new state of the art LED navigation lamp provides class leading energy efficiency, reliability and safety.

With an ultra low current draw of <3.5W for Port, Starboard and Stern combined and <1.5W for the anchor function, the power saving benefits are substantial compared to the 25W consumed by incandescent Tri-Colour lamps.
Sophisticated Hella marine Multivolt electronics ensure consistent and safe illumination plus lamp protection under severe voltage fluctuations, low battery voltages and across long cable runs.

The complete light unit mounts on a secure 316 stainless steel shaft via a pre-wired plug and socket for a reliable electrical connection and ultra secure installation. The unique system also allows for a swift and easy removal and re-installation. Lightweight, completely sealed device, impervious to saltwater and contaminants for an ultra long life and reliability at sea.

Advanced Hella marine lens and optics technology ensures visibility and safety at sea with ultra precise horizontal and vertical cut-off angles compared to incandescent lamps, clearly indicating a vessel’s movement and heading. The NaviLED Trio lamp is internationally certified according to BSH, IMO COLREG, USCG and ABYC.

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LED Navigation Lamps

Compact LED navigation lamps. Pre wired and completely waterproof.

- 2 Nautical Mile Visibility
- Long service life
- Impact and vibration proof
- Low power consumption
- Multivolt 8-28V DC
- Approved by: IMO COLREG, USCG, RINA (I), ABYC A-16, NMSC

Available in either Black or White Shrouds, with clear or coloured lens.

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Deck spotlight with masthead light

Floodlight and Masthead Lamp combined in one robust housing.
Suitable for vessels up to 20m in length.

- Masthead lamp 2LT 002 984-30
- Hella 'Free Form' reflector technology
- Flexible mounting arms for mounting on a variety of mast profiles
- Illuminates large areas of deck or superstructure
- Glass lens bonded with reflector to be dust and moisture resistant
- Covered bulbs for moisture protection
- All metal parts are stainless steel
- Black or White fibre reinforced housing
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Deck Floodlights

LED Floodlights - Ultra reliable LED floodlights featuring ultra low power consumption (only 7W), suitable for applications subject to high vibration. This floodlight is completely sealed and pre-wired with 2m of marine cable and is the ideal 'fit and forget' unit.
UV and impact resistant plastic front housing. Die cast aluminium body. Clear glass lens. Completely sealed.
Multivolt 9-30V DC.

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LED Interior Lamps

Hella marine has launched a new range of powerful LED downlights offering a viable alternative to 10W incandescent lamps and substantial power saving on board.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, new 9599 series lamps consume a less than 0.8W per lamp (<0.07A @ 12V / <0.03A @ 24V), a fraction of the power of incandescent lamps of similar output, and run very cool due to their low current draw.

Light output is described as a neutral white with a excellent colour rendering for a comfortavble ambience. Advanced Hella marine lens and optic technology provides intense white light without glare or eye strain in either 15° Spot or 32° Spread beam angles. The Spot lamp (Peak light angle at 15°) is ideal for installations where the first surface requiring illumination is 1 metre or more from the lamp. Spread lamps (Peak light angle at 32°) are ideal for softer light where the first surface to be illuminated is less than 1 metre from the lamp.

With a completely sealed lamp body of only 18.5mm deep, 9599 LED downlights can be installed almost anywhere on board, interior or exterior, wet or dry. Their ultra low heat signature will not cause damage to surrounding materials.

The lamps may be dimmed and controlled with the Hella marine 2 Group Light Dimmer for ambient lighting effects. Hella marine LED downlights represent the very latest in class leading energy efficiency and maintenance free ‘fit and forget’ technology.

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LED Courtesy Lamps

Power saving, high output white LED spot lamps featuring an innovative ring of ambient LED light.

Excessive heat and high power consumption problems associated with halogen down lights can now be overcome with Hella marine high output LED spot lamps.

Hella marine high output LED spot lamps generate over 450 candela. This is more peak and overall output (at a narrower angle) than light from a Hella marine down light running a 12V 10W G4 halogen bulb.

Consumption is less than 2.5W (less than 0.18A @ 12V), providing more than 75% power saving compared to a 10W halogen lamp.

Unique ‘non glare’ reflector technology provides powerful light without discomfort to the eyes. Each lamp also features an outer ring of red, white or blue LED light providing additional ambient illumination. The ambient function consumes less than 0.5W and is switched independently.

Hella marine MultivoltTM electronics provide consistent illumination and circuit protection across a range of inputs from 9-31V DC.

Completely sealed, shock and vibration resistant, Hella marine LED lamps provide outstanding reliability as there are no filaments to break. The surface is cool to the touch so will not cause damage to surrounding materials.

Rims are available in polished or satin 316 stainless steel, gold stainless steel, and black or white high gloss plastic.

Hella marine high output LED spot lamps are the answer for power saving and cool running interior lighting on powerboats and yachts.

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Boat stairs courtesy lights

Ultra compact, power saving and attractive LED lamps for a wide variety of interior and exterior lighting applications.

Light is radiated downward at an angle of 30 degrees making these lamps ideal for illuminating onboard areas such as steps, stairs, toe kicks, storage areas, companion ways, deck fittings, signs and switches.

- UV and impact resistant acrylic
- Completely sealed
- Pre-wired with 100mm of marine cable
- Multivolt 12-24V DC

Available in a wide variety of lamp colours and Cap finishes.


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LED light strip for boats

Hella marine LED Strip lamps are suitable for a variety of exterior and interior applictaions including storage lockers, under cabinetry, lighting steps, under gunnels, chart reading and providing general ambient effects.
Our LED Strip lamps provide all the power saving and reliability advantages of the Hella marine range.

Hella marine have recess/flush mount lamps available in white, blue or red.
We also have a unique surface mount Thinlite for easy installation available in white or blue.

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