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Thermoelectric coolers

Thanks to their low weight, thermoelectric coolers are particularly easy to carry and transport. Their astonishing cooling capacity of up to 30°C below the ambient temperature is more than sufficient for most purposes, including car journeys, camping or picnics. Cost-efficient and reliable, thermoelectric energy is “just right” for small and medium-size portable coolers.

Model range (capacity) from 7 to 35 litres


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Compressor coolers

Excellent cooling performance regardless of the ambient temperature, versatile use – these are the distinguishing features of a compressor cooler. Choose from a large and well-proven range that leaves nothing to be desired. All models are designed for mobile use and as powerful as a domestic fridge.

Model range (capacity) from 11 to 106 litres

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Compressor refrigerators

Equipped with Danfoss high-tech compressors, the well-proven refrigerators of the WAECO CoolMatic series provide outstandingly intensive, long-lasting refrigeration for mobile applications. They work economically, extremely quietly, and on solar energy, too. The various models of the CoolMatic series satisfy all requirements a camper fridge has to meet.

Model range (capacity) from 48 to 136 litres

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Built-in compressor coolers

The super-compact units turn every nook and cranny into useful storage. Equipped with Danfoss BDF compressors they provide high-performance cooling regardless of the temperatures outside and even in inclined positions. WAECO CoolMatic built-in coolers are used on yachts and boats, caravans and trucks… and wherever else every square inch counts.

Model range (capacity) from 30 to 100 litres


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Compressor freezers

The mobile freezers CoolMatic CRF-50 and CoolMatic RSF-115 are equipped with the Danfoss BD35F compressor for powerful *** deep freezing. Either model can be used as a stand-alone freezer or paired with a same size refrigerator from the WAECO programme to create a cool side-by-side combo.

Model range (capacity) 50 or 115 litres


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Cooling units
Supplied with pre-charged refrigerant and self-sealing valve couplings, they are fine for do-it-yourself installation. Three different series are available to cater for all applications. WAECO ColdMachine cooling units work with power-regulated Danfoss BDF compressors. They are powerful, economical and superbly quiet in operation, tilt-insensitive and ready for connection to 12/24 volts DC. Each series comes with complementary evaporators specifically designed to match the performance of the compressor fitted.
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