Products Autopilots
Tiller Pilots
Above deck autopilots for tiller steered yachts.
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Wheel Pilots
Autopilots for wheel steered yachts.
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Sport Pilots
Autopilots for small sports and fishing boats typically up to 9.2m (30') in length.
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SmartPilot™ Modular Systems
An inboard autopilot system consists of three elements (Control Head, Course Computer and Drive Unit). The SmartPilot™ modular systems allow you to choose the right system for your boat.
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Wireless Controllers
Wireless autopilot remote controls allow you to take control from anywhere on the boat, giving you the freedom to monitor vital information even when your equipment is out of sight.
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AP50 Autopilot
The special Auto Heading feature is based on experience with the offshore market. The Simrad AP50 will provide precise steering, using the least amount of rudder movements necessary. Save fuel and wear on the steering-gear with the Adaptive Sea state Filter, Automatic rudder offset, Adaptive rudder deadband, Adaptive speed response, Second compass for course monitoring and Adaptive pump speed.
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AP28 Autopilot

Simrad AP28 Marine Autopilot System, ideal for power, fishing and sailing boats from 35 to 80 feet.

Simrad AP28 Autopilot control unit features a large LCD display and operation via the brand new interface is intuitive to say the least. This simple display and control setup gives you access to a raft of features and performance options.
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AP24 Autopilot

Simrad AP24 Marine Autopilot Systems, ideal for power, fishing and sailing boats from 35 to 80 feet.

A new SimNet plug & play network, provides simplified installation and enhanced integration with other Simrad products.
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QS50 Quickstick

Finger tip control with the QS50 Quickstick, can be mounted in the arm of the captain's seat for relaxed total control.

The QS50 Quick Stick is a 2 axis joystick for arm rest and desktop mounting. It is designed for operation in an AP50 autopilot system and is interfaced to the autopilot via Robnet. Mode change is made directly with the joystick and by means of push buttons thruster and WORK mode can be toggled On/Off.

NFU power steering is provided with an automatic center rudder function.
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