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The Simrad High Definition Digital Radar range will meet your specific needs. Open Array options include 6kW (4'), 10kW (6') and 25kW (7') models.

Mariners seeking ultimate range and detail will select an Open Array antenna. The radars deliver outstanding performance with higher power output and narrow beam widths. Larger yachts and professional vessels will benefit from these larger, more powerful systems.

TX06s Open Scanner – 6kW, 4 ft

TX10s Open Scanner – 10kW, 6 ft

TX25s Open Scanner – 25kW, 7 ft

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The Simrad High Definition Digital Radar range will meet your specific needs. Radomes are available in 2kW (18") and 4kW (24") models. Radomes are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for sail boats and small powerboats where space and power supply are limited. New HD digital radomes deliver superior performance in a easy to rig package.

DX42s Radome – 2kW, 18 inch

DX64s Radome – 4kW, 24 inch
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HD and Super HD Digital Radar

Raymarine’s exclusive Super HD Digital technology brings the power and performance of digital signal processing to marine radar.  Utilizing high-speed data processing the Raymarine’s exclusive Super HD Digital algorithms, the results are amazingly clear radar images with unmatched target separation and a lifelike presentation that virtually eliminates noise, clutter and false echoes.  Super HD Digital processing delivers a radar image that can’t be matched by similar analog or digital radar systems, and brings you a level of performance that rivals that of systems of more than twice the physical size and power output.

- RA1048HD 4kW 48" HD Digital Open Array

- RA1072HD 4kW 72" HD Digital Open Array

- RA1048SHD 4kW 48" Super HD Digital Open Array

- RA1072SHD 4kW 72" Super HD Digital Open Array

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Open Array Antennas

For unparalleled radar performance there is no better choice than a Raymarine open array scanner.

- 5S 48 in. 4kW Open Array Radar Scanner

- 9S 48 in. 10kW Open Array Radar Scanner

- 7S 72 in. 4kW Open Array Radar Scanner

- 11S 72 in. 10kW Open Array Radar Scanner

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HD Digital Radome Radar Antennas

HD Digital technology is now available in new full colour Raymarine radome systems; bringing colour target distinction, clarity and resolution capabilities to the space-saving 18" 4kW radome and the larger 24" 4kW superior resolution radome.

-RD418HD HD Digital Randome Scanner

- RD424HD HD Digital Randome Scanner

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Digital Radome Antennas

Choose between either powerful 4kW 18" or 24" Radomes for use with C Series Widescreen, E Series and G Series.

-RD418D 4kW Digital Randome

- RD424D 4kW Digital Randome

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Radome Antennas

The compact 2kW and 4kW radomes provide range scales of 24nm and 48nm.

-RD218HD Randome Radar Scanner – 2kW, 24 nm

- RD424HD Randome Radar Scanner – 4kW, 48 nm
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Open Array HD Radar System

Northstar is renowned for our heritage in GPS/Chartplotter development. When we tackled High Definition Digital Radar, we wanted the same core values invested in this technology: make it reliable, make it easy, and make it for everyone.

High Definition Digital Radar means: Exceptional detection of small or distant targets, using advanced digital signal processing. Presents targets better and rejects clutter using 10-bit digital Sensitivity Time Control (STC). Screen-clutter from rough weather is cleared away using sensitivity settings tailored for specific conditions.

- 6kW HD Radar

- 10kW HD Radar

- 25kW HD Radar

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Dome HD Radar System

The Right Choice. We’ve hired leading radar experts to develop Northstar High Definition Digital Radar, an accurate and economic choice for reliable surface detection. Radar’s primary uses are vessel detection and collision avoidance, particularly in reduced visibility conditions like darkness, fog and rain. Now this technology is available to you.

- 2kW Dome HD Radar

- 4kW Dome HD Radar
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Broadbend Radar
Northstar has introduced a revolutionary new radar system unlike anything else on the recreational boating market. Utilizing solid-state technology, this breakthrough technology provides superior target detection and separation, ease of operation, and a new level of navigational safety to a wide range of boats.

An ideal match for almost any vessel thanks to the exclusive technology and performance characteristics of Broadband Radar.
A superb navigation complement to large radar systems on power and sailing yachts with unparalleled short-range resolution and discrimination.
A revolutionary new primary radar for small to medium-sized vessels with very user-friendly operation.
Safest transmission energy levels, small size, minimal power requirements; the advantages of sophisticated radar for all boats.

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